Asteriskcdrdb vs FreePBX 2.10 cdr reports

I have a production server running asterisk ver and FreePBX and I wanted to move the mysql database from the production server to a updated server. I started it from scratch using the iso from Digium. It has asterisk ver with FreePBX
After running a few tests, including the the cdr reports which looked just fine, I used the mysqldump function to export the asteriskcdrdb.sql database from the production server and then imported this database using the same command on the new machine. OOPS!
this is what I got:
Call Detail Record - Search Returned 1 Calls

Call Date Recording System Src Chan. Source DID App. Dest. Dst. Chan. Disposition Duration Userfield Account
D D D D D D D D D 00:00 D D
S S S S S S S S S 00:00 S S

No matter what date or date range I selected this is what I got. Now on the Graph by day I got the correct results. I figure that the database asteriskcdrdb table cdr has changed so is no longer compatable. Other than starting over fresh again, how can I fix this problem to:

  1. get the report cdr to display correctly
  2. add the data from the production machine safely.
    Note: I did not want to do a backup and restore to the new machine for the production machine has a few errors (minor) that I did not want to follow to the new machine. The new machine has everything on it to go production except for the cdr records.

Thank You.

The schema of the cdr table has changed between 1.6 and 1.8. You must do the following:

alter table cdr add did varchar(50), add recordingfile varchar(255);
alter table cdr add index(calldate);
alter table cdr add index(dst);
alter table cdr add index(accountcode);

Solved, Thank you obelisk.