Asterisk; "WARNING: Friendly Scanner from (IP Address)" on only inbound calls?

Hi folks,

I just put together a FreePBX box with VoIPVoIP services to learn CLI Asterisk. So far it works great for outbound calls, but I just got my DID today and it gives me this error in the Asterisk log and gives a “number unavailable” message. I’m trying to get the full call output but piping it to a file makes it kind of messy, any idea on how I can do that? I already tried turning off allow_sip_guests and a lot of other solutions on here. I think it’s a VoIPVoIP config issue but they provide no support for Asterisk, so I am not entirely sure what to do.


Set up a test Inbound Route with both DID Number and CallerID Number left blank and Set Destination to a known working extension. Make a test call in. If the call works, look at the CDR Report for what appears in the DID field, and use that value in your production Inbound Route.

If the test call still fails, go to Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles. Copy the relevant portion of the log, redact it as desired, paste it at then post the link here.

If the forum won’t allow you to post a link because you’re too new, edit it, replacing e.g.
and post that on a line by itself.

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