Asterisk VOIP Configuration

Hi guys I have now installed Asterisknow 10.13 and I have configured local extensions. Now I need to configure VOIP for Inbound and Outbound call. Can anyone please help me to configure VOIP to receive and make call.

I’m a new to these concepts and I have no idea how to do that. Please help me.

Steps (in short sentences that you can Google):

  1. Find an ITSP. I like the one these guys offer, VoipInnovations, and AlcatelNetworks.
  2. Read the ITSP’s website for setting up Trunks. These are usually simultaneously inbound and outbound, but may be split depending on the ITSP.
  3. Set up a single Inbound Route with no DID or CID selectors. This is called an “any/any” route and will answer whatever calls come in.
  4. Set up a single outbound Route that converts the numbers you are expecting to allow the people using the phones into a format that your ITSP is expecting.
  5. Get “generic” inbound and outbound working, then add additional Inbound Routes to handle your various phone numbers (if you have various numbers).

Get through that, and come back for your next “meal through a fire hose”.

Or, if you are just experimenting, try SipStation - that is the fastest way to working Dialtone I know of - and they are reasonable (although not T.38 - but that is a topic WAY down the road for you!).

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