Asterisk voice quality not as good as Cisco CUCM voice quality?

I’m wondering if anyone might know why the sound quality of Cisco IP Phones running on Asterisk seems worse than with Cisco CUCM?

I recently noticed when I called a company which I know have Cisco IP Phones running on CUCM that the Quality of the sound seemed slightly louder and alot more bass(ier). I do use Cisco IP Phones with the Wideband Handsets which I got to improve the quality which they do, but there must be some setting in CUCM that is making calls sound better and I can’t figure it out. The only thing I can think of might be something to do with the TX Gain on Asterisk.

Alex S.

What codec are you using on Asterisk?

I’m using G.722…I tried changing up the codecs but it still didn’t improve it.

Remember when you leave the PBX it will take the G722 you are using and transcode it to G711 which degrades the audio quality as the PSTN can not take G722