Asterisk VM Issue

Using Distro 2.210.62-7 but I’m assuming this is an Asterisk issue.

When a message is left it seems to be saved as (and write over) msg0100.wav

I only get the most recent message saved in the ARI. As an example, I’ll get a series messages e-mailed to me all named msg0100.wav but only the last one is saved to disk (and viewable in the ARI). Delete after e-mail is not enabled.

Not sure if this has any correlation but in VMail Settings, maxmsg is set (by default) to 100 but I don’t have near 100 messages in the box. But the highest message is named msg0100.wav and that’s the one getting written over.

Is there a process that periodically re-numbers the messages?

Does anyone know how the filename is generated or why this might be happening?

Thanks so much!

“Comedian mail” the voicemail engine of Asterisk carefully renames all messages as msg0000.* (there will be a .txt and one or more .wav, .WAV etc. depending on how you set up voicemail.conf) as the oldest in any of the folders in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/(extension)/ structure and each later message as 0000+1 etc. So msg0100.wav is the 101st. message, this shouldn’t happen as the default is 100 messages and then no more are taken when maxmsg(=100) is hit, did you change ANYTHING from your base distribution’s setup ?

Thanks for the reply Dicko!

That makes sense.

No changes that were not done through FPBX. Modified emalbody & emailsubject but that was a year or so ago. I’m going to try setting maxmsg to 200 to see if that would make a difference but haven’t had a chance yet.

What I thought was strange is my mailbox contains non-sequential file names (I delete some messages & save others). As an example: msg0003., msg0042., msg0044., msg0057., msg0099., msg0100.

If I understand correctly, the non-sequential file names are typical so you could have msg 0300.* as an example, with maxmsg set to 100, if msg 0299.* had not been deleted as long as there are less than 100 messages in the box. Is that correct? The existing messages are not re-numbered?

Scratching my head, all help appreciated!

So I changed maxmsg to 200 & now my next VM is recorded as 0101.*

Not sure what to make of it. Could this possibly be a bug in Comedian mail? I suspect unlikely as it’s seems mature enough it would have already been discovered.