Asterisk-version-switch not installed

Little background info:

I had to manually install FreePBX on CentOS 6.7 (didn’t have much of a choice at the time) and have everything working, but I rely heavily on using ActivaTSP for dialing out of a windows application. For whatever reason, Activa never works well with the AMI on the newer versions of Asterisk so I require to use 1.8 on all my installs.

My problem is that asterisk-version-switch is not an available command. I’ve searched around am unable to even run “yum install asterisk-version-switch”. I get a response saying the package is unavailable so I’ve tried re-adding the repos and still have no luck.

Any ideas?

That’s because you didn’t install FreePBX Distro. That’s a Distro-only command, as we know exactly what versions of everything need to go together. If you’re using some other way of installing asterisk, we can’t help you switch versions.

Thanks Rob.

Adding this to the list of reasons to just use the distro in the first place.

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