Asterisk Version Switch - HA Setup

FreePBX Distro 12, Asterisk 11.19. High Availability.

I want to do a version switch to try Asterisk 13 to see if it will fix some stability issues I am having. Do you treat it like a regular upgrade in regards to the HA setup, switching the version on A first, then putting it into Standby, then doing B?

I have 2 Xeon E5-2620 2.0Ghz Six Core with 8gb RAM. The HA setup is only 2 months old, but about every 2 weeks I am having to reboot as Asterisk will stop accepting inbound calls (carrier reports congestion) and all endpoints drop. It will sometimes rectify itself after a few minutes, but will occur periodically until I reboot. System processes about 2500 inbound / 400 outbound calls per day.Any help appreciated.

That’s a really significant issue, and HA should be picking that up and self-healing. Can you please open a commercial support ticket, and reference this forum post?

To answer your question - It’s somewhat harder than that. You need to put the cluster into maintenance mode, as you’re doing incompatible changes to a managed service.

I can help you with that as part of the Commercial ticket.