Asterisk-version-switch > 11 causes BLF to function as it does in 11

When using module admin to upgrade, AST cannot be upgraded because of the following:
Asterisk REST Interface Users cannot be upgraded:
Requires engine asterisk (>= 12), you have: asterisk 11.14.1

The problem with running asterisk-version-switch to 12 or 13 is BLF will cease to function as it does in 11 (currently at 11.14.1). By that I refer to the display on a SIP phone that has 1 or more BLF lines.

On a BLF monitored line under 11.14.1 the CallerID will be displayed on the phones screen. This is a very useful feature for people who pick up calls intended for another endpoint but don’t want the call to go to VM or some other destination.

When asterisk-version-switch is run and asterisk is upgraded to 12 or 13 what is seen on the screen of the phone is the extension number being monitored. Nothing else.
I am not certain if this problem has something to do with the script ‘asterisk-version-switch’ or with asterisk itself.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this issue.


For clarity the command needed is:


You can simply uninstall the Asterisk REST Interface module, as it will only work with Asterisk 12 and above.

Thanks. Corrected the name.

Uninstalling REST is not the issue. The issue is lack of current BLF functionality after upgrading Asterisk from 11. Since you’re title is ‘Senior Developer’ would you happen to know what can be altered in Asterisk 12 / 13 which will make BLF have the same functionality as BLF has in 11?

The image displays what is seen after running asterisk-version-switch to 12 or 13.

The person at the phone has no clue who is calling. I will get another image of same phone with asterisk 11

Below is what is displayed with current FreePBX which has Asterisk 11.14.1

For clarity, the name and number have been altered.

@Hawkeye you are probably going to want to open a bug ticket on this, so it can be looked at.