Asterisk Upgrade

I was Using freepbx-2.1.1, Asterisk 1.2.29 and Asterisk Addons 1.2.9
i tried to upgrade to Asterisk and Addons 1.4.7
all of the IAX trunks got not working at all.

I tried to downgrade by “make clean; make; make install” in Atserisk 1.2.29 directory.but “make” gives errors in the end.

How can i downgrade asterisk again and undo all changes i made.

and can Backup and Restore return all the previous asterisk configurations?


if memory serves me correctly FreePBX didn’t support * 1.4 until sometime in the 2.2 version range.

IAX works just fine on * 1.4 and latest version of FreePBX (2.4 and 2.5) so instead of trying to walk backwards move forwards as support for versions previous to FreePBX 2.2 are not supported any more. (We answer questions but there is no chance of getting a fix ever applied or any more development on it).

They are currently working on FreePBX 2.6 and 3.0 branches.