Asterisk TCP/TLS ERROR filling 300G hard drive

I have upgraded an old FreePBX 13.0.169 asterisk 13.11.2 install to SGN7 asterisk 15.
The system is running as a VM in the same location as the old VM same config.
The system will run with out any problems for several days and then start to spam warning and errors to the full-DATE and fail2ban-DATE logs.
Over the weekend it filled 300G in one day.
I do have the backtraces from this server, but I don’t know if they will be useful with out running the server in debug mode?

ERROR[DDDDDD] chan_sip.c: read() failed: Bad File descriptor
WARNING[DDDDD] chan_sip.c: TCPTLS thread alert_pipe indicated packet should be sent, but frame_q is empty
Backtrace.tgz (15.5 KB)

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