Asterisk System Down

Please my asterisk system just went down. On logging in I observed it showed about 37 items available for update online about 17 hours ago
The First error i saw was cronmanager encountered 1 errors
And then lots of permission deny errors.
It keeps looging me off when I click an option on the system.
Please what do I do? need urgent assistance please.
Thank you

Most permission errors are fixed with:

fwconsole chown

thank you so much for your response. Right now I don’t even have access to see the errors it displayed on first login. Please how do I view it again so I can paste it here?
Please will I just type “fwconsole chown” in ssh?

Log into ssh, make yourself root, then just type “fwconsome chown” and it runs an automated script. Might need an “fwconsole reload” after.

Thank you so much. observed the space on disk was full. System back up and still 95% full so trying to free up more space.
Thanks alot for prompt response and support.

vmcore-dmesg.txt is taking about 254GB Is this important? can we move it to another partition?

You should be able to delete that - it should be the dmesg output from your current boot session.

ok thank you.

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