Asterisk switch version issue

Hi, everyone
I’ve been upgraded FreePBX from 10.13 to sng7 by appropriate instruction and that process completed normally. But when I’ve tried to upgrade the Asterisk from 13 to 14 by asterisk-version-switch utility, I had an issue. Script has been suspended on “FreePBX reloading” stage. I’ve stopped it forcibly and came back on 13 version and that time all was completed succefully. What could it mean and how is it fix?

No one has any idea?

You can try to follow Upgrading documentation.

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Thanks, but that’s the same documentation on which I’ve upgraded and have the the issue that I specified above.

Hi Serp,
please look this page. i hope to give some idea.


Hi, Snazir.

I’ve performed all of the actions described that link initially. My issue has just occured as result of the upgraded by oficial guide.

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