Asterisk Source Install - How to add FreePBX?

I have successfully installed Asterisk from source, and would like to add FreePBX to it. The reason I am not using a distribution package is because I am installing Asterisk on a server that also does other things (internal web site, email, etc.). I would like to keep those functions up and running, and add Asterisk to the mix.

Right now I have Asterisk running and configured (via AsteriskGUI 2.0) and everything is working pretty good. However, there are many aspects where I would prefer using FreePBX (I don’t mind wiping the entire configuration and starting over).

To add a little snag: I am running MAC OS/X 10.5 Leopard Server. :wink: I’d be more than happy to try any process out that also works with Linus, as long as it involves Asterisk being built from source, not from RPMs or DEBs.


Honestly, I’d run it as a VM Instance and load from a ISO. I do that now on an xServe in production and it is fine. I just don’t do conferences.