Asterisk Restarts Every 30 seconds

I moved our Asterisk machine from one rack to another yesterday and ever since we have the following going on:

Calls can be made into and from the Freepbx machine, but once connected the audio only works for a few seconds. Then stops, but the call remains connected.

In looking at the logs, it appears that Asterisk is restarting itself about every 30 seconds or so. Not exactly the same time but actually varies from 30-40 seconds.

System is almost fully updated (there are a few updates available but I don’t want to apply anything while troubleshooting). Log says the Asterisk version we are using (13.38.3) no longer receives bug fixes. FreePBX version is

Update Asterisk and see if the issue goes away.

look in /var/log/messages (/var/log/syslog) for reasons for the asterisk instigated coredumps.

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