Asterisk restart loop

I enable and load channel pjsip to transition my sip extensions to use pjsip.but and I enable
tcp - - All in pjsip setttings…now I cant start asterisk , in restart loop now…hope someone can help me
[2020-05-05 09:20:24] ERROR[5421]: res_pjsip/config_transport.c:652 transport_apply: Transport ‘’ could not be started: Address already in use
[2020-05-05 09:20:24] ERROR[5421]: res_sorcery_config.c:307 sorcery_config_internal_load: Could not create an object of type ‘transport’ with id ‘’ from configuration file ‘pjsip.conf’

Check your port bindings in Asterisk SIP settings. There is probably a conflict between chan_sip and pjsip.

trying to revert back to orginal settings but I cant even save and reload it
exit: 1
Unknown Error. Please Run /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf

solved…manually edit pjsip.conf

STARTING TO try pjsip , my freepbx is a vps with vpn server…all my remote extensions connet via vpn…in pjsip transport settings why does tun0 is missing ?

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