Asterisk queuelog problem

Hi There,

I’m very new in FreePBX and currently using version 2.5.2 and asterisk 1.4.x to support our company hotline.
I also have some problems in Inbound route queues that can not understand as well as google so many times.

  1. Agent phones still got some miss called even I set configure in queue as below:
    -max wait time : 1 minute
    -ring stategy : random ( I also have tried others like fewestcall, roundrobin…)
    -agent timeout: 30 seconds
    -retry/wrap-up time:0
    -skip busy agent=yes
    -unchecked the “auto-fill”
    -disable “call-waiting” in Agent extension pages.

2.In asterisk queuelog file, I saw so many calls got the duplicated data included uniqueid,src,dst,disposition,… however, my agent just receive 1 call from this caller.

Please help to advise us for these cases and appreciate for any response.

Thanks advanced.