Asterisk Phones


A few months ago, Digium launched their own phones for Asterisk:
the D40, D50 and D70 seem like a very nice match with the FreePBX distro, as it uses asterisk underneath.

Is this possible? Because I saw that Digium launched a “certified” branch of asterisk. Is this special version mandatory to use the phones?
If so, what exactly is different? (It’s very confusing)

Will the FreePBX distro use certified asterisk in the future, or are you able to support the phones with plain vanilla asterisk?


There are several threads on this topic.

the Digium phones are plain old SIP phones and do not need the -phones version of Asterisk to work.

You do need the -phones version of Asterisk to use the advanced features like visual voice mail. You also need the free license for DPMA.