Asterisk Phonebook "Set Speed Dial"?

Hi forum
Whenever I add a new entry to asterisk phonebook, it wants to auto-create a speed dial.
How to disable this unwanted “feature” so that the “Set Speed Dial” is disabled (un-ticked) by default, OR better, removed altogether ?
Many TIA’s

Edit /var/www/html/admin/modules/phonebook/page.phonebook.php at line 166
Seems a fairly brutal method to solve this issue, and likely won’t survive an update.
Also creates an irritating “Security warning”.
How to add this as a “Feature enhancement request” ??

Does it irritate that much to uncheck it? It has been that way for many years, probably since the module was developed.

Perhaps there’s not many folks actually using this module ?
That could explain the lack of chorus for tweaking and improvement/s.

That is very possible, I do from time to time, not very often, but sometimes.

I use(d) it, and found the ‘Set Speed Dial’ on by default useful…
(by means, it did not do me any harm)

s’pose, YMMV ?