Asterisk Phonebook Import limit around 1051 lines?

I’m trying to import my contacts list, which I’ve created from my OSX Address Book using a Python program. The format looks right, and there are no obvious anomolies, but if my input “CSV” file is more than 1051 lines long, nothing at all gets imported. If I break the file up into 1051 lines and 1047 lines, and import twice, then the import works fine.

Am I doing something wrong? I don’t need the whole Contact Manager feature, I just want a first-level CID lookup.


PHP has an upload file limit. I’m gonna guess you’re busting that. At least, that’s what did it to me on another PHP project I was working on a few weeks ago.

That would explain it, I’ve reworked my code to break “CSV” files into multiple pieces.

If anyone’s looking for that function, let me know, the code isn’t difficult (or very robust 8*)