Asterisk Phonebook CSV import broken?

Does the Astrisk Phonebook Import CSV work for anyone else running
It does nothing when i select a csv file and upload, export however does work.

Any help?

bump??? anyone???

I have the same problem with "Phonebook Directory tool Enabled"
Lets hope someone replies…

I have Phonebook installed and it works just fine. I tested it with an export of all my entries, then cleared the phonebook, after that I imported the phonebook.csv and it worked just fine.

Check your apache log file for any obvious errors.

It appears to be broken and do nothing if you have the data in the wrong format. Best thing to do is stick a couple of entries in the phone book manually, then export the phone book. Check out the format. Add entries into the exported file and re import it.

I have found Wordpad is best for editing since Excel insists on messing up the formatting.

Format should be:
“Joe Smith”;01234567890;nn
where nn is the speed dial number. If you dont include speed dial number that’s fine but dont lose the trailing semi-colon.

If anyone can do this better then let me know! I have over 1000 entries and it is hard to manage. I know that I should really have all the data in an SQL database and have Asterisk query that. If anyone has done this already, please leave details!

Yes, we too found that the CSV file upload to astdb phonebook was not working with over 1200 lines.
(Seems to work with 12 lines, but not 1200.)
Here’s a snippet of perl that gets the job done, using same csv file layout.
(Not using speed dials.)
PS. View the code as plain text, since this forum BBCode introduces errors to the while () statement, and borks the code layout.

open (INFILE, “/tmp/phonebook.csv”) or die “Error opening file: $!”;
while () {
chomp $;
($clid_name, $clid_number, $trash) = split /;/, $
$string = “asterisk -rx ‘database put cidname $clid_number $clid_name’”;