Asterisk Phonebook - am I missing something here?

As I understand, the Asterisk Phonebook is a systemwide Phonebook that can be used for Speedialing and Caller ID lookup(internal).

But in order to use Speedialing, I need to add the Outbound Route access, for example 0.

But when incoming calls CID lookup is run, this test is for the CID without 0.

This means I need to have two entries for every one that I want to be able to Speedial and do CID lookup on?

We use the Set CID module, to add the 0 to incoming CID, but the CID lookup is made before Set CID.

I think that the best way would be to add a field in the speedial module to choose what Outbound Route to use. Or? Anyone else experiencing this problem?


Jan Berggren

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Outbound Route Access’, but you should only need to enter them once in the phonebook. You shouldn’t need to adjust your outbound routes. If you set the speed dial, we’ll call it XX. On the phone just key in *0XX. *0 is the default and can be changed in feature codes.

On the PBX we have Outbound Route Acces = 0 this means we need to add a 0 before the external phonenumber to be routed outside the PBX.

This mans that in order to use Speed Dial we need to add it there as well. For example. I want to add external 123456 to speed dial 555, I add 0123456 and 555 to the Asterisk Phonebook. Dialing *0555 will dial the external part.

On the other hand, if 123456 is calling the PBX and we have CID lookup set to internal it will llook for 123456 in the Asterisk Phonebook and not finding it since it in the Phonebook is 0123456.

This means we need to add two entrys for every “Partner” we want to have both a Speed Dialing number for, and be able to do do CID Lookup on, or?

The thing with adding Outbound Route Access to Speed Dialing was just a suggestion on how it could be solved…


Jan Berggren

Ok I follow you now. You already have to dial 0 to gain an outside line. I can’t really think of an easy solution for this. Can I ask why you want users to dial 0 for an outside line? Would it mess anything up if they didn’t? Also, I doubt it would work, but maybe the “set callerid” module you could prepend incoming calls with a 0 and it might work?

Jan, set in Outbound Routes the following Match Pattern:
Then tell you users to dial on their phones just as they do when they dial on their cellphones.
I have been using FreePBX since 2006 in our company (in Sweden) and have never heard anyone complain about using area code when dialing local calls.
BTW, we are on SIP all the way, from phone to provider.

Thank you mickecarlsson. (Tack!)

Of course you are right, we need to get rid of the old prefix.

But in order not to have to use area codes when dialing local, couldn’t I add the area code as well in outbound routes Match Pattern, for example:

And yes we are on SIP all the way…

Jan Berggren

I am a fool, ignore the last one.

Jan Berggren

Hej Jan.
Good luck with the new setup.
Btw, what provider do you use? We have Tele2 atm, but will switch to Telenor this autumn.