Asterisk + PAP2

Heya everyone, I know there are prob a dozen or million other people who have asked this, but i think thats pretty common for forums that have 20257 topics, so i hope you’ll forgive me !

Iv just managed to get my hands on a Linksys PAP2 adapter, unlocked, thanks to the wonderful world of ebay and Hong Kong !

Iv set it up as far as i know correctly, but alas this is proving to be incorrect ! as i have no dial tone, no ability to call internal extensions, outbound number or recieve calls ! (AKA, DEAD!)

Im running my own asterisk server, an old version 1.2, but the motto if it aint broke dont fix it lol… the server is running FreePBX and is working fine.

Up untill now i have been using a BroadTel ATA adapter for this extension, but now require two phones in that office, so purchased one of these to save effort !

Its a PAP2-NA, running firmware 3.1.22(LS)… has anyone come across a decent guide, instructions or magic genie which can help me get this thing working properly…

Anxiously awaiting help hehe


P.S if you need any additional information, Internal IP range’s etc in order to help, throw a reply up here asking for it !

Try this one…

How to set up a Linksys PAP2 or Sipura SPA-2000 for use with FreePBX

oh thanks mate, that guide worked for the most part… just an additional question if you can help…

The Dial Plan, im from the UK so i found this example on on ebay, which seems to work very well for calling landlines, but takes a while for it to start ringing my internal extensions, which are all 5xxx is there any way to quickly modify this so there isnt such a long wait before dialing. Also FreePBX feature numbers such as “1471” last number recieved, “123” talking clock and “901” voicemail !


Take a quick read up on dialplan strings for the pap2 device. It’s in the documentation for the device.

I posted this at :-

It covers the uk and has details of speed dials etc.