Asterisk Originate to external number

I am trying to initiate a call using the Asterisk Call Manager. I can get a local extension to originate to an external number just fine. But when making the originating number an external number, the destination seems to ring before the local/originating number.

I believe this has to do with the context. I am currently using from-internal (which again works for the extensions when dialing). What should the context be for the originating number to be external and wait for that person to pickup before proceeding.

I don’t think you’re going to find a provably correct way of doing that.

If the number in question has “listen for a fax” style capabilities, the phone will be marked as “answered” as soon as it starts to ring. This feature is common on many phone systems and may be the default your a cell phone (for example).

The way we’d handle it in the case of a Ring Group, for example, would be to wait for the recipient to press a key to accept the call. I don’t think that capability exists with “just a number”, so you might need to explore other options.

If i understand context correctly, is the a way to dial the “source” first number … wait() … and then dial the “destination” number?

Or even better a way to change the wait() into something that verifies connection?

First calls internal extension 1100 and once answered, calls external number 8005551212:

channel originate local/[email protected] extension [email protected]

Opposite direction, first calls external number 8005551212 and then when answered, rings local extension 1100:

channel originate local/[email protected] extension [email protected]

That is the syntax if you are doing the originates from the CLI. You should be able to follow the logic and do the same using AMI or .call files.

I am actually trying to do external to external.

channel originate local/[email protected] extension [email protected]

or swap the numbers to call them in the opposite order.

Here’s more information on Asterisk’s “local” channel if you want to understand better what’s going on with these originates that use local/ :

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