Asterisk Manager Password Issue

Hi, my system was hacked into several months ago. We noticed the issue because we had several outbound calls to random places. Since then we locked down the pbx with our firewall to protect it and we are trying to do anything we can not to rebuild the whole system. One issue I am still experiencing is being able to log into the web interface.

  • I have tried changing the password in the advanced settings in the webpage and through command line by changing the manager.conf and amportal.conf. Still I am unable to log in without doing select all on the page with the secret key…

Has anyone seen this problem or have an idea how to fix this? Thank you for your help!

Running PBX 2.10.1

Your title says Asterisk Manager. The Asterisk Manager Password has nothing to do with your ability to login to FreePBX.

Those credentials are in the data base. They are set in the administrators module.

Ah I see that might explain why I am having such a hard time getting the password changed. Where in the administrators module can I change the password to log into the box through the a webpage? Thanks for your help!

I don’t understand, did you click on Administrators in FreePBX? That is all the module does is manage administrators.