Asterisk Log Error VQplus Module

PBX 14 seems to lock up and needing a restart of Asterisk and or the PBX to resolve. When looking over the var/log/asterisk/ freepbx.log I am seeing this error constantly showing up.

[WARNING] ( - Depreciated Function vqplus_callback_get detected in /var/www/html/admin/modules/vqplus/ on line 381

Any assistance would be helpful, should I be looking in a different log to identify what is causing this?

The biggest problem with that warning is that “Deprecated” is spelled wrong. :frowning:

You can safely ignore it. As you update the system, new versions of should slowly get rid of it.

I noticed that too, but it was copied directly form the log. What else can I look at to see what is causing this system to lock up/freeze.
Running Ubuntu 18.04 host server
VBox - PBX - running fully updated V14
This is the only PBX on this host

Technically not wrongly spelled, just the wrong word,about%20loss%20of%20monetary%20value.

Unfortunately it’s use although grating (to me) has been quite common here and elsewhere

Any suggestions to what to look at to attempt to locate the cause of these freezes and issues?

I’m guessing it’s going to take some in depth debugging to figure out better what’s failing. I’d personally recommend taking this to Sangoma Tech support to go through that process.

Matthew Fredrickson

Isn’t VQPlus a commercial module for FreePBX?

Yes it is, the system has a few Commercial Modules purchased and running. Just not sure if this a module issue as advised previously that warning is common and more then likely not the issue. Just wanted some advise as to what to do to locate the cause. Im not entirely new to FreePBX or Linux and can run most commands. Just need guidance.

That’s just a log warning so does not looks like can contribute to your “system lock” so please exclude this and try to dig further in logs. Thanks.

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