Asterisk keeps crashing

I did an upgrade from Asterisk@home 2.6 or 2.8 cant remmber, i knew doing one backup and restore from there till the latest FreePBX (which was at the time included in Trixbox 2.2.4) would not work right. So instead i did incremental upgrades, basically i upgraded FreePBX first time after time, then did a Backup Restore, and on a brand new server (trix 2.2.4 with lastest version of FreePBX i did a restore).

I dont know if the above could have caused anything, everything worked accept the customized music in Queues, but that was easy enought to fix.

The issue i am having is that Asterisk out of nowhere stops and then starts again, however i feel like it keeps then crashing until i submit changes on FreePBX and then hit “Apply Changes”. The hint is under system status under the /admin default page.
System Uptime is always good
Asterisk Uptime - this is how i see it went down bec out of nowehere it turned the clock back to a few minutes
Last Reload - this is 0 seconds, and actually stays this way until i hit an Apply Changes, until i do that it remains at 0 seconds, and asterisk will eventually crash again.

From what i have seen Apply Changes seems to fix things but only for about a day. however i have noticed that once i did 60 changes to extensions and then do one Apply Changes and that caused asterisk to go down and come right back up. I also noticed today that only after one change (but only one change done in 24 hours) it crashed the server again.

Anyone know if there is a bug or a way to find out what could be causing this? So far the only thing i see that helps is an Apply Changes, but sometimes this can cause it to crash in the first place.

I have a server with 2 X Quad Xeon CPUS and 8 GB memeory and 1TB of hard drive space. memeory usage bars are all green, nothing is even close to red.
Any help would be amazing, thanks