Asterisk issue with polycom phones

Our Trixbox CE 2.8 server was hacked about 2 weeks ago. After finding this wonderful forum, I downloaded and ran the Trixbox 2.8 to FreePBX migration script (fabulous script by the way!).

After running the script, I went ahead with all the appropriate module updates, Polycom 331 phones connected, and we were up and running…or so I thought.

This box is running in a school setting, so our bell system uses the intercom function of the Polycom 331 phones to ring the bells. Currently, when the bells go off, all phones ring 2X and then nothing. Our *80 function doesn’t work either.

I’ve searched your forums and read numerous Polycom 331 manuals, etc, and everything in the files looks fine. Then I discovered this: if I log into FreePBX via SSH and do “service asterisk restart”, the bells and *80 work for about 30 minutes before failing again. If I restart again, same thing.

Anyone have any ideas what file(s) or settings are being changed to cause this issue? Is there a problem with asterisk? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am new to phone servers, so if you need more info from logs, etc., let me know. Thanks.

We have a fresh, out-of-the-box FreePBX install with Polycom IP331 phones, also fresh out of the box. We are provisioning the phones via TFTP (everything is LAN only, single network) with the same issue. I was using amportal restart to restart Asterisk but same thing. When I restart Asterisk, paging and intercom works for a period of time (I haven’t pinned down how long yet) and then just stops working. After that period of time, if we press *80201, extension 201 will ring, but will never answer.

Were you able to find the solution on your end? If not, I’ll be happy to share anything that I find.

I gave up on this issue and took a different route. I had used the upgrade script from Trixbox to FreePBX which worked well, but my configuration was always buggy afterward. So, I provisioned a new fresh FreePBX install. Then, I used the Backup & Restore function in the converted FreePBX to make backups of config files. I restored these config files to the new fresh install EXCEPT for the phone configs. In other words, I restored by extensions, trunks, etc, but not phone configs. I then used the OSS Endpoint deal to provision the phones fresh and it took care of my issues.

I did notice today that there is a fresh IP331 config file ready for download in the OSS Package Manager. Maybe that will solve your issue?

If I think of anything else I did, I’ll pass it on to you.