Asterisk is running as root

i got an error while making a recording in the IVR:

“cp: cannot open `/tmp/202-ivrrecording.wav’ for reading: Permission denied
Make sure Asterisk is not running as root”

the question is:

how do i make sure Asterisk is not running as root?

i have little or no experience in linux, so please simplify the answer as much as possible.


don’t start asterisk as root. For it to run as root you had to have stopped asterisk and restarted it some how (there are several ways). The proper way to start it is to type: amportal start
at the linux prompt.

Please explain…if not as root.what should be the user?
I have installed AsteriskNow and when I do:

chown -R astersik:asterisk /var/…asterisk

I got message: asterisk is not a valid user…

I don’t run AsteriskNow to be 100% sure but asterisk is expecting the user asterisk. reboot and see what user it runs as on restart.

Unfortunately asteriskNOW leaves a lot to be desired. Guess as long as its in beta, well have to excuse them :slight_smile:
in the mean time, try this:

useradd -c "Asterisk PBX" -d /var/lib/asterisk asterisk; chown asterisk /var/lib/php/session/
sed -i 's/;runuser.*/runuser = asterisk/' /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf
sed -i 's/;rungroup.*/rungroup = asterisk/' /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf
service asterisk stop
amportal restart

on a freepbx forum?

If everybody used the why are you posting a problem with x on the FreePBX forum we could remove 45% of all posts due to just trixbox. or almost 85% if we also includes PiaF, Elastic, etc. You are right that once it was determined that it was a issue with the distro the place to look for hte fix would be on the asteriskNox forums or IRC channel.

He had a problem and until he said what distro he was using we didn’t know.

I talked with one of the asteriskNow developers and he said to get the updates. It was a problem found earlier and if you update it will get fixed. Sorry I didn’t get a more detailed response then that.


We welcome questions from all FreePBX users whether they install their own, run AsteriskNOW, PIAF, Elastix, some versions of trixbox, etc. All of these have something in common, they are here because of FreePBX + Asterisk (and of course LAMP).

By creating a common place where everyone can feel welcome it helps bridge the gaps that sometimes occur with all these different projects that have FreePBX - Asterisk in common…

I didn’t mean to come across as dismissive, but rather, trying to steer the OP away from a forum which supports a product he isn’t using.