Asterisk Info page questions

under freepbx tools>asterisk info> sip peers what does ACL stand for?

Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status

I have 5 phones in a system where the is an (a) under ACL and the other 35 phones have nothing.

400/400 D N A 5060 OK (40 ms)

402/402 D N 5060 OK (40 ms)

Many Thanks

In FreePBX we introduced the ability to add a permit/deny based on ip addresses for SIP and IAX devices. When you add a permit, either the default or set your own, it will show an A under ACL.

To set the default (or to set your own) go to Extension in FreePBX and select one of your extensions. You get a screen with two new fields called deny and permit. Default is all zeros, if you want to enter something here only change the permit and enter the network where your phone is.
Example, your phones are on the 192.168.22.x network, that network has a class C mask. In the permit field you enter
After you save your changes, Asterisk will only accept register attempts from the 192.168.22.x network for that extension.

thanks, that explains it.

ok, but it still is making little sense to me all of the extension are at the default and there are a handful that say (A)

One of them keeps slipping into lingo and all calls go to v/m I delete the extension and rebuild and it works for about a day then dies again.

If you upgraded to FreePBX with Online Updates you get the permit/deny feature. BUT, you need to go through all extensions and save each of the to actually activate it. It is not done automatically.

If you have a problem with one extension it could be the phone that is to blame.
You need to provide more details, preferably a log/trace when the extension fails.