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Sorry if it’s been answered somewhere else. I searched but couldn’t find anything.
We installed the latest FreePBX 15 release and we noticed that the Active Channel(s)/Chan_Sip Channel(s) have been removed under the Asterisk Info report.
Those were pretty useful sections.

Is there anyway they can be enabled/displayed again?


Does using the cli and doing sip show channels work?

Yes it works from the cli

I dont use freepbx 15 yet, but figured cli would work. Its likely because they are deprecating chansip. So the main focus is PJSIP but I still use chan until PJ is a bit more long in the tooth. It would be nice to see that report added back if its missing.

If ChanSIP is not turned on in your server, I wouldn’t expect it to be reported. The Asterisk Info report was modified several years ago to dynamically include and exclude those components of the system that were or were not (respectively) being used. This was done, in part, to support people that were adding things like Chan-SCCP-B and wanted that to be displayed in the report. Work in more recent releases has made the display of “removed” components optional.

I get that and that’s why I’m surprised it’s not showing up. We’re actually using ChanSIP (we have PJSIP disabled) for all peers and from the cli I can see the channels as reported before. Still it’s not included under Asterisk Info.

To be frank with you, I’m a little disappointed because it is useful info and I hope there is something we can do to have it added back.

Have you tried rolling back to the previous version? If that works and the new one doesn’t, you don’t have to be disappointed - you can submit a trouble ticket or (since it’s open source) you can suggest fixes yourself.

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