Asterisk gui vs FreePBX

I have an asterisk server that I have configured using the Digium AsteriskGui but it seems that it lacks access control. Does FreePBX support different administrator roles so my office managers get limited access to the GUI?
Will installing FreePBX on my currently configured server change any of my settings?

FreePBX has some access control. It is limited and not the greatest implementation but often adequate for the type of needs that you describe. It will not import anything from the Asterisk GUI, you would have to re-configure everything.

Will I be able to limit the users options on the web interface? For instance if I only wish to allow a certain manager to be able to add users and put them in queues but not create new queues or modify ring groups. Is this type of control available?

most of the control is enabling or disabling access to each gui display for a user. So if they have access to queues they can do anything with the queue, same goes for ringgoups, extensions configuration, etc. There is some limited ability to restrict extension ranges to an admin also, but that functionality is really quite questionable as implemented, doesn’t do much for most people.

Thank you very much for your help. Am I correct to assume that FreePBX is merely a web interface for Asterisk like the AsteriskGUI or is it something more? I would like to try and install FreePBX but I don’t wish to lose my configuration.

it is very different from the asterisk gui, it can be more considered to be a “configuration engine” - it is a one way programming flow - changes you make in the gui will be written to the files, but hand made changes in the files can never be read to the gui, this is why you cannot import your config from the asterisk gui into freepbx. But freepbx offers many more features at the click of a button, and it is very fast to work with, there are even extension import utilities, so it shouldnt take too long to re-configure it.

My recommendation is to try it in vmware to see if you like it.