Asterisk Full report - Sip Channel(s) - WHAT? 1695 active SIP dialogs

Any reason on why in Asterisk Full report this is so long?

This just happened today, was never this long in the past, and any suggestions on how to fix it?:

Sip Channel(s)

Peer User/ANR Call ID Format Hold Last Message (None) 1996365503 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 473545693 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 4013690358 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 4034011128 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 4071115434 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 505125838 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 3039053428 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER (None) 2369471754 0x0 (nothing) No Rx: REGISTER

1695 active SIP dialogs

Moderator note: Shortened a meaningless long log file. There is no need to post the whole log.

Probably a bug in Asterisk.

Fixed it on my end…

No Bug at all!

It was a denial of service attack with an ip address was from China!

quick google search of the ip address brought me here:

Put it into my sonicwall to ban IP address… hasn’t come back since.

Also note took my T1 line down to .26mbps down and .46mbps up. really sccrewed us up, here at the office.


I am having the same question. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Restart Asterisk off hours, that would clean the entries. Check your version of Asterisk and upgrade if needed.