Asterisk Friendly Telcos in the UK

I’m looking for an Asterisk/FreePBX friendly Telco in the UK who can provide London numbers and preferably also support the IAX2 protocol rather than just SIP trunks.

Does anybody have any recommendations?


I have been using Tel2 ( based out of London. They support IAX2 and their support staff seem very knowledgeable about FreePBX. I had them troubleshoot an IAX2 registration problem with me recently and they sent through Wireshark captures and identified the issue with a context at my end. I would happily recommend them for Asterisk deployments.

Any provider offering IAX2 trunks are running Asterisk servers as IAX2 is an Asterisk thing. Just FYI.

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They support SIP and IAX2. I expect they have Asterisk gateways for the IAX2 protocol and regular SBCs for the SIP traffic. Nice to see an Asterisk focused ITSP though and great when you need some troubleshooting/tips for your FreePBX installations. Refreshing change from the usual Telco support you get.