Asterisk/FreePBX Telemarketing Training Solution Scenario

Hi All…

I’m in the throws of setting up a Asterisk/FreePBX system to be used as a telemarketing training system for remote based clients.

A couple of hosting providers have confirmed my scenario will work…but, I thought I’d better run it through you guys to get a 2nd opinion…

I’d like to get an FXO to connect my PSTN to my pc > to asterisk/freepbx.

I’d like to setup so that my clients (telemarketing staff within my client’s businesses) can make calls via softphones at their location (and so I can hear them and they can hear me, to allow calling training coaching sessions, while I am remote at my location).

I’d like to run all of it via my PSTN line and avoid using SIP completely. The reason for that is that I have an unlimited calling account on PSTN and don’t need pay per minute etc type charges.

I’ll probably need mostly just my line and another client line - but maybe an option to have multiple clients on a call to do group training…

Does that sound doable thus far?

To clarify - I need my client to be able to make outbound calls to other landline numbers/and mobile/cell number (and I need to be able to listen in and barge (barging at end of call to discuss etc)…and inversely for me to be able to make calls to propsects on their landline and mobile phone (and allow my client to hear the call).

ie we can both make outbound calls to landline/cell/mobile phones, and we can both hear each other to do tag team calling training sessions.