Asterisk freepbx phone to phone

We have a VoIP dial-in numbers, which were registered with the provider and multiple inbound threads can handle it.

The bottom line is that it would be aa dialing a rule, you can call direct extension.
The dial sintaxist I do not know how to look like, but as the # and * also should be on.
For example:

* phone number * PINCODE the stored number, then press the call button

(36304445555) (12345 67) —> incoming calls to specific extensions only lets you in if you are suitable for the PINCODE.

The first 4-5 PINCODE nominated to the number who called the other number you would like to be nominated to talk about what has been stored phone numbers.

By identifying so to speak, to understand who wish to use the system.

So the event would take place by:

1 Dial access number PINCODE
2 identified by the asterisk PINCODE.
3 kicsörög the extension, but did not answer.
4 is identified by a number to call, or you received the same call.
5 If you accept the call by call to the stored number to which the asterisk after the PINCODE stored number and link.

Practically external telephone switch with the asterisk to the incoming number.

In practice, we do not know where to look for these gadgets or setting the graphical interface or command line and in what fields should be considered.

Can somebody help us how and where modules should be set?

If someone could give line is extremely grateful we were.

The current system CenOS 2:10 Asterisk 6.4. freepbx

Thank you in advance for any help!

I am possibly not following what you are asking for here but are you just asking for DISA capability? In which case have a look at DISA and this will do what you need.




So my questions are as follows:

  1. How to redirect incoming call to an internal extension, an external number?
  2. How to call from outside an extension which automatically picks up and transmits the entered extension.
  3. How to get events assigned to the entered numbers. (IVR, DTMF) and how can I use it?
  4. How can PINCODE be held after the recall?

Thanks a lot!