Asterisk/FreePBX config changes from Windows App

I need to be able to change configs for Asterisk that will reflect in FreePBX,
specifically extentions, inbound routes & outbound routes.

This is because we have an external application (+database) that manage our users/extentions/CRM from Windows and a bunch of other things. It also records and bill our clients based on parsing of the Asterisk CDR-CSV files)

I already use Asterisk AMI to make calls from Windows (so not complete noob with TCP comms) but I really need to be able to see what (e.g.) extentions is configured and be able to add/edit/delete extentions, routes, etc. from my Windows APP via network.

Is this do-able via AMI or any other way, any advice would be great as I’ve read about AMI/AGI/ and who knows what but I only get more confused. :wink:
I suppose info need to be updated and then propagated to/from FreePBX as I’ve changed extentions file manually, but after a “/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin reload” the FreePBX settings override my changes.

Just thought the FreePBX forum might have some minds that that might nudge me in the right direction.

Thanks a million for reading this far!