Asterisk extensions without credentials

I’m fairy new to FreePBX.

A friend on mine has made an android app that behaves like a soft phone and we are trying find a workaround or a solution for the following situation:

Android app connects to asterisk server that forward call to other asterisks server. This is working fine if we have an extension credentials (user and password). The problem is that we want to put this application on Google Play which means that every download must have a valid extension credential with is very hard to predict if we have 10 downloads or 1 mil downloads.

Is there a way to allow any softphone that knows the IP of the server to connect to an asterisk without using credentials ?

Thank you

You’re going to have to explain why you think this is true before anyone is going to be able to figure out what you need.

As you are “fairly new” you should know that your business-plan is unsustainable, You will loose your pants to somewhere in Palestine or eastern Europe in about 12 minutes.

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