Asterisk Error + SSH Warning

Under “Server Status” I have an Asterisk Error (Red) + SSH Waring (Yellow). Various applications are greyed out such as Extensions, Follow Me + Queues. I thought about doing a Backup but that Admin function is greyed out. I’ve tried looking in the Asterisk Logfiles under the Reports heading but don’t know what to look for (rookie).
Where can I begin to look into to this issue?
I can’t supply the correct Asterisk info because that page doesn’t load.
Asterisk 11
FreePBX 10
CentOS 6.3

Is this a new installation or was it working and has now stopped?

Thanks for the response. This was a relatively new install and was working. I started to edit the hosts.config file via the command line before I relized I could do this from the browser. Some whre along the way I must have pooched a file.