Asterisk email stopped working


We have a Freepbx Distro running Asterisk and it has suddenly stopped sending out email for the voicemail or fax systems. We recently decommissioned our old SBS 2003 domain controller and this seems to coincide with the service failure. So I changed the default DNS servers in the admin console to reflect the new server but still no joy. Looking at the maillog I am getting lots of connection refused on port 25 to our new servers along with other errors:

Apr 7 18:10:56 TARDIS postfix/local[27752]: 7C864285998E: to=[email protected], relay=local, delay=391767, delays=391767/0.01/0/0.08, dsn=4.2.0, status=deferred (cannot update mailbox /var/mail/root for user root. destination /var/mail/root is not owned by recipient)

and a lots of connection refused errors, I suspect it is something to do with our infrastructure change but it’s not obvious what I need to change to get this working again?.

Any ideas?


I found another post linking to the Linux 101 CLI wiki and discovered that all I needed to do was to edit the with the relayhost IP address. All sorted now.
Thanks for the support, got me out of a pickle… :slight_smile:

Here is the link

That serves as a reminder for me to make sure that next time i post a solution to a problem I will remember to add a link. makes it far more usable for the next person…