Asterisk EAGI run on incoming call

Hi guys,

So I been developing an application where it detects the callers voice and reads the voice decibel of the caller.

so to run the script, I able to run by using a chan_pjsip extension 1001 call to an number which I created using extension_custom.conf. below is my configuration.

exten => 123123,1,Answer
exten => 123123,2,EAGI(
exten => 123123,3,Hangup

so when i call 123123 from 1001 extension, it works. (note that 123123 extension is not connected to any softphone)

Now, iā€™m trying to test this using extension to extension, where both 1001 and 123123 will be registered to a softphone, and when i call 123123 using 1001 it will be able to run the script.

How can i achieve it?

You want the script to run and then have the call proceed to the local extension 123123? You will want to use a diaplan hook

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