Asterisk (DPMA) SSL Certificate Expiration

Getting this error on multiple systems. Distro is Freepbx 15 running asterisk 17. Says you can update in the normal way, however all updates are current but message remains. Any ideas?

Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 17.0_3.6.2 is what I am running

I am getting this as well. Module admin and yum don’t return with any updates…
I can verify I have at least 3.6.2 and I can get rid of the message. I have also updated to the 3.6.3 release in development and still have the message. Shouldn’t there be a check in place to not even display the prompt unless there is an issue?

Also I’m a bit confused on this issue. Will I also have to update the firmware of my devices even though I’ve update DPMA? There’s no mention of it on the wiki page linked from the FPBX gui notification.

Have you restarted asterisk? You can get the running version from asterisk with:

> digium_phones show version
Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 16.0_3.6.3-rc1

Do you know if 3.6.3 will be going in the standard release channel soon? I have the issue with the voicemail not playing, and I’m holding at 3.5.5 for now. I see it’s available for download online, but not showing up during a yum update yet.

Soon is relative. Most rpms spend some time in the testing repo prior to being promoted to the standard repo. In the absence of but reports and with clean QA bill of health, it will be moved within a few weeks.

yes same message on all systems as of 4/12/21

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