Asterisk does not seem to be connected to freepbx

For some reason it seems like asterisk is not connected to freepbx. I am running Freepbx Distro v2.11 with asterisk 1.8 on centos. When I make a call on a digium d40 phone freepbx system status does not show the external call going through even though I am able to make the call. I can’t get the phone to be able to do in call transfers or check voicemail with *97. Any help here would be appreciated.

Any help here would be appreciated.

anyhelp would be appreciated

I am sure the people that help us out here must get sick of reading "i have a problem with this " with either absolutely no information about the type of system they are running or some very vague description of the setup.

Simple things to quote:
System Version: (Found by going to System Admin)(example PBX Firmware: 3.211.63-10)
Dahdi Version (if Dahdi related problem)
What handsets are you using? (You told us this one)
Are you using full distro or have you added FreePBX to Centos?
Are you making calls via Dahdi, SIP, IAX ??
What debugging is turned on? What is the output of asterisk -rvvvv when you are making a call?

Anyway, hopefully someone will help you.