Asterisk died with code 1 after switching from 10 to 11

Where do I start to discover why asterisk is not starting when in version 5.211.65-6 and after attempting to switch from asterisk 10 to asterisk 11 (asterisk-version-switch)?

From the horses mouth:-

You probably have a bogus module in there somewhere trying to load.

Information: Has anyone out there recently successfully switched from 10 to 11?

I just did it with no issues. You sure you did not add any digium modules such as Fax For Asterisk or G729 that are not stock from us.

I use FAX but I think it is all stock FreePBX. I did install g.729. How would I clear that for moving to asterisk 11?

Also, is there any benefit to going to 11 or should I just wait for 12?


Erase the .so file as G729 is compilled for the version of Asterisk you had.