Asterisk database and sip_custom.conf

I’ve got custom peers in sip_custom.conf.
This file is beeing reloaded every hour, because it is updated from external script.
How can I update asterisk database directly instead of sip_custom.conf file?

You question makes no sense, Asterisk reads the config files there is not database other than the real time call data stuff.

But I assume that the content of the sip_custom.conf file after executing ‘sip reload’ command is not present in the asteriskcdrdb database. Am I right?

asteriskcdrdb is where call logs are stored.

sorry I mean asterisk database obviously

In the support forums we must assume everyone has 0 knowledge. That said nothing is ‘obvious’. You should not manipulate the ‘asterisk’ tables in mysql directly. The GUI does not support any form of API access at the moment for these tasks. I would say the way you are doing it is ideal.

Nothing you do in custom is stored in a data base. The custom file is included along with the FreePBX configs.

The Asterisk database is used by FreePBX to create the config.

Thank you for a good explanation. :slight_smile:
My last question in this area: if I want to import all agent parameters to my 3rd party application the fastest and most efficient way is by:

  • querying the Asterisk database directly (sip table)
  • looking in the sip_custom.conf file
  • connecting to AMI