Asterisk crashing on reload after system recording


I am running Aserisk and FreePBX and have a strange error.

Everything is working fine until you press the red reload bar and you have done a new system recording using the *77 method since the last reload.

When you reload Asterisk crashes with the following error (in messages, showing two crashes).

Jul 10 11:00:21 pbx01 kernel: asterisk[24250]: segfault at 000000000000ea58 rip 00002af70d33c88e rsp 0000000040fdcf60 error 4
Jul 10 11:37:05 pbx01 kernel: asterisk[26939]: segfault at 00000e2400000e29 rip 00000000004bb4e4 rsp 0000000040a91fc0 error 4

Can anyone help me with how to debug this further? I have tried using the “gdb /usr/sbin/asterisk pid” on the running asterisk process, but that act of attaching to the running process appears to stop it working.



Sounds like the same problem that im getting whenever we apply changes-

It didnt happen until we had asterisk