Asterisk communicating with Web Service


I need my Asterisk to communicate with a web service, in other words, Asterisk asks a question to the Web Service and Web Service returns the answer.

Is it possible?


Hello everyone,

I have seen how Asterisk could connect to the web service. I have created a Webservice via PHP. And thought about using the command exten => _X., 1, AGI (agi: / / / Testing | $ {EXTEN} | {VAR2}), but have some questions for example if I have in my file php as a “variable” named “Lights” I want to put “0”, in other words, do a SET.

Through the above command can do everything at once? Or do I have to first connect me to the Web Service through the command above and then do the SET?

Can anyone give a help?

And what better way to do this? Do you have any suggestion / example?


yes. you can do anything you want if you use an AGI script.