Asterisk CLI message

Hi I have this message on my asterisk CLI. I just want to stop showing this how can I do?
[2019-08-22 13:23:35] NOTICE[11077]: chan_sip.c:28752 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘“1700” sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

That is a REGISTER attempt against Asterisk. If it’s your device, fix the config. If it’s not, then restrict access from untrusted traffic.

The user doesn’t exist anymore.
Do you know the command to restrict access from untrusted traffi?

There is no such command. You restrict access with a Firewall, either an external device or the PBX Firewall:

The version installed on their cloud doesn’t have a Firewall installed.I don’t see it under connectivity. Bizzare
If there is no way to do this it will be difficult
But thank for your reply



Just FYI, FreePBX 15 is still in beta.

Try installing the module

ok Thank you

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