Asterisk CLI: Lookup CID from "Channel ID"

Hi I know this is a FreePBX forum, but asterisk specific boards are unusually unhelpful, so I am hoping someone can give me a quick answer here.

On the Asterisk 1.8.6 command line - I perform a “queue show” and it shows all the callers currently waiting inside a queue. What it gives is a “channel id” which is a seemingly random string of hexadecimal characters.

What I am trying get is the caller id of each person on the queue.

I have tried “sip show channel” and then the channel id, but this command apparently only accepts caller id as the parameter.

Anyone know of a way I can accomplish this simple task? THANK YOU


You cant see the CallerID from CLI in Asterisk

I understand that there is no dedicated callerid lookup function in CLI.

But perhaps queue show can be altered somehow to display the CID instead of or in addition to the channel id.

Clearly the CLI is capable of displaying a CID in a function since “sip show channels” does exactly that.

I am sure it can be altered. As you pointed out this is a FreePBX forum.

If you know how to program in C go to the Digium repo and check out the source code and have a go at modifying it.

Let us know how that works out for you.