Asterisk changes video sendonly in first call leg to sendrecv in second

In first call leg sip Intercom correctly sets m=video, a=sendonly
In second call leg sip videophone incorrectly receives m=video, a=sendrecv

Does anyone know what Asterisk/FreePBX would be doing this?

What version of Asterisk is in use?

We’re using Asterisk 13.29.2

This is expected in Asterisk 13. Each side is completely independent and is negotiated between Asterisk and the endpoint. Such information is not communicated or even present in the core.

Thanks, is this different in version > 13?

Asterisk 16 and above have better support for streams so it may not be a problem there. Even if it is, the foundation exists there so it could be changed in the future.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll check it out. Perhaps the dev working on the Intercom system will be able to adjust things now we know it’s expected behavior.

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