Asterisk can no longer start after upgrade to 3.211.63-9

I upgraded to 3.211.63-9 a few days ago and I noticed this morning that Asterisk was offline.
Running service asterisk restart produces:
#Stopping safe_asterisk: [ OK ]
#Shutting down asterisk: #[FAILED]
#Starting asterisk: [ OK ]
#[[email protected] ~]# Asterisk ended with exit status 1
#Asterisk died with code 1.
#Automatically restarting Asterisk.
and it just goes into a loop like that.
One of the changes in the release notes is:
"Remove Asterisk auto start since amportal starts asterisk"
A simple reboot has not helped either.
Where do I go from here?


Have you installed any extra module (like g729 codec)? If so, try to remove it and see if your asterisk starts.


No, no new modules. I’ve read it could also be an issue with the hard drive or a sql issue. I’m not sure though how to fix the hard drive without doing an fsck and needing to reinstall. I have current backups but I’d rather fix it than rebuild it.

I was able to resolve it. I did the same as post #8 here:

This got Asterisk running again.

Then I had to remove the DAHDI module and reinstall the Fop2Admin module to clear other errors that cropped up.